Limited Edition Onyx ConNectar
Limited Edition Onyx ConNectar

Limited Edition Onyx ConNectar

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The Limited Edition Onyx ConNectar is made to fit any 510 threaded button battery and turn it into a nectar collector. With only three pieces to put together! Perfect for any adventure from hiking, festival going, or even chilling in the house! Pairs best with the Limited Edition Onyx Battery!


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    Battery is not included.


    Made with premium materials and designed for optimal performance, our nectar collector features a sleek and portable design that makes it easy to use on-the-go. With its precision tip and efficient heating capabilities, you'll enjoy a smooth and satisfying dabbing experience every time. Whether you're a seasoned concentrate enthusiast or just getting started, our nectar collector is the perfect tool for elevating your dab game. Shop now and take your dabbing to the next level!

    The Stache ConNectar has a few fundamental features that make it the perfect choice for anyone interested in the benefits of a nectar collector:

    510 Thread Connection

    The 510 thread connection is a universal standard that is used by most manufacturers, making it easy to find replacement parts and accessories. Overall, the 510 thread battery connection is a simple, reliable, and widely-used technology that is essential for most vaping devices. This means the ConNectar, with its design and 510 threading, is compatible with essentially every vape pen battery on the market!

    The ConNectar has two coil options depending on the user's preference: the Crushed Quartz Coil, and the Clapton Coil.

    Clapton Coil (featured above): A Clapton coil is a popular type of vape coil that is made by wrapping a thin wire around a thicker wire. This creates a coil with a larger surface area, which can produce more vapor and flavor than a traditional coil. If you're a vaping enthusiast, a Clapton coil may be worth trying out.

    Crushed Quartz Coil: The Crushed Quartz Coil is made of crushed quartz that is heated in order to vaporize liquids and legal concentrates on contact. The Crushed Quartz Coil can sometimes be more difficult to clean and maintain as it is less durable than the Clapton model, but it has advantages in heat retention.