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The DigiTül is the first ever digital scale tool.

Designed to revolutionize the industry, this scale tool accurately weighs the product for consumption. The DigiTül is perfect for a medical patient wanting to accurately dose or micro dose, the budget friendly consumer wanting to ration out product, the curious consumer who just wants to know their intake, or the recreational consumer wanting to flex how much they're consuming. This tool takes the next step in consumption management. 

Weighs as low as .05g up to 200g

*Requires 2 AAA batteries/batteries not included

Looking for an accurate and reliable digital scale for your concentrates? Look no further than our innovative DigiTül ! Perfect for weighing dry herb, legal concentrates, and more, our digital DigiTül designed to provide precise measurements every time. With easy-to-read displays, hold functions, and a variety of weight units to choose from, our DigiTül is the perfect addition to any consumer's collection. Plus, our compact and portable designs make it easy to use and store. Choose our digital scale for all your weighing needs and experience the convenience and accuracy of modern technology when consuming your concentrates.

The main function of the DigiTül is to act as a convenient device that is intended for measuring the weight of legal concentrates and other similar products. Like any good digital scale it has a screen for measurement display, different settings to measure in different units of weight measurement, and a durable design to help prevent the de-calibration of the weight settings.

The DigiTül also uses a stainless steel attachment to hold and transfer any legal concentrates without dirtying any other tools or jars in the measurement process. This should eliminate a number of issues regular consumers experience when looking to use their legal concentrates.

The dab tool attachments are set to offer the user different options to make weighing various products easier than the specialized concentrate tool that comes standard with every DigiTül.

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