How to RiO With Stache

How to care for your Rig-in-One

How to use the RiO

How to remove/ clean your glass

Always remove your glass from the base before cleaning. Isopropyl will damage the electroplated finish when coming into contact.
To remove the glass grab the base of the RiO by placing your less dominant hand under the base and your dominant hand over the top of the glass. Make sure the neck of the glass is facing away from you so that the opened end of the mouthpiece is not facing you. Firmly grasp the glass and wiggle the glass side to side while pulling in an upward motion. *DO NOT PULL IT FROM THE NECK*.
For a quick and easy clean of your RiO glass, we suggest using isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Make sure you empty your glass of all water prior to cleaning. Next, pour isopropyl into the glass piece about ¼-½ way full. Once the ISO is in the glass pour a small amount of coarse salt into the piece (roughly a teaspoon-tablespoon amount). Once the salt is in the glass insert your silicone plugs or use your fingers to cover the holes. Hold the glass and shake until clean. After cleaning, wash the solution away with hot water. 
Another way to clean your glass is to soak the whole piece in isopropyl alcohol and let it sit in the solution for 4-24 hours. You will then pour out the alcohol until about ¼ -½ of the solution is left. Place your plug into the piece and shake clean. Afterward, wash with hot water.

 How to remove/ fill your torch

 When removing the torch from the base you want to take off the silicone plug covering the back of the torch. Grab the cold torch from black plastic covering located below the nozzle. Do not remove the torch from base when hot/ after immediate use. Place your thumb above the ignition and turn the torch back and forth while pulling forward.
When filling your RiO torch you need to remove the silicone plug covering the fill port on the back of the base. Some models do not have this plug and you can already see the fill port. We recommend to take the torch out of the base whenever you want to fill it.
Make sure your torch valve is closed so no gas escapes when filling. Hold your torch at waist to chest level with one hand and angle the fill port so that it faces you. With the other hand insert the tip of your butane canister into the fill port. Make sure you keep the tip facing directly to the floor so that the solution inside can makes its way into the torch. Hold for 4-6 seconds to fill an empty torch. *NEVER TRY TO REFILL A FULL TORCH*
*DO NOT HOLD THE TORCH SIDEWAYS WHILE FILLING*. This can result in pressurized air entering the can, preventing the solution from inside of the butane canister to fill the torch properly.

Best Practices

NEVER clean glass while on the base. Isopropyl alcohol will damage the electroplated finish.
After you are done using your RiO, always place it back in the carrying case clean. Use cotton swabs to wipe your banger, place the plugs back into the glass with or without water, and place the carb cap and tool back into their suggested spots. This keeps your RiO clean and ready for any situation.
Do not store in cold or hot places such as direct sunlight or in your car.