What is Cold Start Dabbing?

What is Cold Start Dabbing?

Cold Start Dabbing is a concentrate consumption method that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason! In this article we'll look at the benefits of Cold Start Dabbing and why it may be worth trying out if you like to vape concentrates.

What Does Cold Start Dabbing Mean?

The Dabbing Process

To understand why cold starting is different, let's first look at what could be called the "standard dabbing process".

A typical dabbing setup consists of a heating element (usually a torch), a quartz/ceramic/titanium element that heats up, a glass/ceramic or silicone "rig" for the vapor to travel through AKA a mouthpiece, and in many cases a carb cap to improve vaporization of the concentrate and prevent vapor loss.

 Dab Setup

There are now many electronic alternatives and more unique designs that accomplish the same goal, a great example being Nectar Collectors and their similar electronic counterparts like the ConNectar as well.

The standard dabbing process usually goes like this:

Before you start to take your dab, make sure that you have all the tools that you need ready. Typically, you’ll need a butane torch, a dabber, your concentrate, a banger/nail, a carb cap, and your rig. You’ll probably be working with a hot torch and breakable glass, so make sure that you are focused and safe!

Heat your banger/nail. You do this by turning on your torch and aiming the flame on the nail. When you’re heating your nail, you want to make sure that you get it to the proper temperature to vaporize your concentrates. Different nail styles and makes have different temperatures at which they perform best; check out our Blog "Choosing Your Dab Nail/Banger" for more details about different quartz styles.

There are many modern-day electronic substitutes for the heating element, when using these make sure you fully understand the use and function of the heating element!

Make sure you are paying attention to the temperature of your banger/nail! Under extreme temperature and stress even the most durable nail will break.

3. DAB
Once you have the banger heated to the right temperature, you’ll take your dabber with your concentrate on it and place it inside your banger. If you are using a domed nail, place the dome back on the nail before putting the dabber on it. If you’re using a carb cap, then cover the dab with your carb cap after it’s been placed into the banger.

Inhale, just as you would taking a normal bong hit. Repeat as necessary until the vapor has cleared.

Now, when you consume concentrates using this method there is typically some guesswork involved in figuring out the right timing to drop your concentrate into the banger. This can be especially true for beginners that aren't familiar with the timing and qualities of their banger yet. This inevitably leads to "chazzed" bangers that require extra cleaning, and result in a hit that tastes worse and has wasted product burned to the banger.

If this happens you should definitely check out our guide "How to Clean a Quartz Dab Banger in 6 Steps"

This is where Cold Start Dabbing is different!

The Cold Start Dabbing Process

The Cold Start dab isn't actually all that different from a typical dab. Sometimes the cold start process can even be called the "reverse dab". The key difference is that rather than heating the quartz (or whatever heating element) before introducing the concentrate, cold starting means you pre-load the concentrate into the banger before it is heated.

The Cold Start process follows these steps:

1. Assemble Your Materials
Before you start to take your dab, make sure that you have all the tools that you need ready. Typically, you’ll need a butane torch, a dabber, your concentrate, a banger/nail, a carb cap, and your rig. Again, if you are working with a hot torch and breakable glass, make sure that you are focused and safe!
2. Load Your Concentrate into the Banger
Pack your concentrate into your banger, we recommend using a silicone or stainless steel dab tool. Or, if you want to be more conscious about how much you're consuming, you can try the DigiTül.
3. Top the Banger With Your Carb Cap
Placing the Cap onto the banger preemptively will help to prevent terpenes and vapor from escaping during the heating process.
4. Heat the Banger
You'll take your heating element, in this case a torch, and use it to start heating the banger. You will want to heat the banger evenly to prevent any unnecessary "hotspots" that may burn and waste your product.
5. Inhale When You See Bubbles
Cold Start Dabbing is more precise for this very reason. As you heat up the concentrates, you can literally see the moment that the product begins to vaporize! The bubbles are the vapor being produced as the concentrates reach the proper temperature, meaning that once you see the first bubbles, you can begin to take your hit.
Wax Melt
6. Use the Carb Cab and Torch to Effectively Hit and Reheat Your Concentrates at Low Temperatures.
Depending on the size of your dab, you may need to reheat your banger and/or manipulate your carb cap to ensure that all of the product can be effectively heated and exposed to the banger surface without burning, and without wasting product.
7. Clean and Repeat as Necessary
As mentioned before it is important to keep your banger clean and maintained to make sure that future dabs are both tasty and without unnecessary waste. We have several guides available on our Blog to assist your decision making.

Banger Cleaning

There are a few notable reasons why this method is beneficial:

No More Guesswork: With the traditional method, you heat up and wait for the banger to reach a temperature that will vaporize your concentrate without burning it. When you cold start, the timing is much more precise and is based on what you can see visually, more-so than basing it on guessing time and familiarity with the banger.

Cleaner Banger: Lower heat usage overall means there will generally be less burned product, less built up "chazz" on the banger when consuming. This means that it will require less cleaning, and won't interfere with the flavor profile of the concentrate when dabbing. This also means that your banger will be seeing less wear and should have a longer lifespan.

Quicker Consumption: When going through the consumption process, the time taken to heat and then wait for the banger to cool to the appropriate temperature are removed from the process when cold starting.

More Efficient Consumption: Not only is the flavor profile ultimately improved when consuming at low temps, but you also ultimately consume more with less product thanks to the product not being burnt and wasted at high temperatures.

Final Tips on Cold Start Dabbing

Here are some final reminders and tips before you go off to enjoy your concentrates:

Clean Bangers Make a Big Difference: Dirty bangers will have an overall affect on your dabbing experience. A chazzed banger will affect the flavor of your concentrates, it will affect how well fresh concentrates vaporize, and it will affect how efficiently your banger heats up and maintains heat.

Invest in a Carb Cap: Technically a carb cap isn't necessary when using the traditional dabbing method, and you can also cold start successfully without a carb cap as well. However, we strongly recommend against doing this! It will result in wasted product and most likely a burnt flavor and less vapor when dabbing.

Small Dabs May Be Better: A smaller dab may actually serve you just as well, if not better using the cold start method! With the larger amount of vapor, and the fuller flavor and effect of the concentrates coming through, you might find that less is more thanks to the cold start method.

Cold Starting offers a number of different benefits to your dabbing experience! Testing the different methods and figuring out what you prefer is part of the fun of vaping concentrates, see what you enjoy more and what works best for your situation!

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