How to Dab Concentrates

How to Dab Concentrates

If you want to reach new levels of comfort and relaxation, then dabbing might be the best choice for you! Concentrates have been rapidly growing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. When first getting introduced to cannabis consumption, some other methods may be more suitable. This is because concentrates have a much higher concentration of THC than standard “flower”. Standard buds typically have a THC concentration ranging between 15-25%, while concentrates can range from anywhere between 50-85%.

What Are Dabs / Concentrates?

Concentrates, or as many refer to them, dabs are very different than typical dry herb. Dry herb contains THC and other active cannabinoids that provide the medicinal and emotional relief that many seek when consuming cannabis. However, there are also other plant materials and compounds that are inhaled when smoking or vaping that we typically seek to avoid. This is why many consumers use pieces with water filtration and/or percolation!

Again, dabs/concentrates are hugely different from standard flower. There are several methods to produce dabs; typically with the goal of taking the plant material and other compounds you wouldn’t normally smoke, and removing them from the consumption process. (Source)

How Are Dabs Produced? 

For some more information about cannabis concentrates, check out the information published by the NIH. (Source)

What Do You Need to Dab?

Dab Rig: First, you’ll need a dab rig, preferably one made from high-quality borosilicate glass. Dab rigs are different from a traditional bong because rather than a traditional bowl where cannabis is loaded, rigs more often use a banger/nail that is heated to extreme temperatures using a butane torch or electronic heating element.

Banger/Nail: The main types of dab rig bangers/nails that can be found are made from glass, quartz, titanium, or ceramic. Nails can be domed but are more commonly not. A domed nail is a nail that is surrounded by a glass bubble, which keeps the vapor from dissipating into the air. Domes are also beneficial in preventing accidental injury from touching the heated nail. The dome can be removed when you are heating the banger.

Torch or Electronic Heating Element: You need a powerful lighter or torch to heat your banger/nail. When you are using an e-nail, then a torch isn’t needed. With an e-nail, you can easily control the temperature of your nail. E-Nails are usually safer to use, but they also tend to be more expensive.

The Stache E-Nail is a high-quality kit that comes complete with a banger designed to house the electronic heating coil and every standard E-nail component.

Carb Cap: We recommend using a carb cap to have some level of control over the airflow for your hit. There are several styles of carb cap, make sure to choose one that will fit your nail properly.

Dabber/ Dab Tool: You use the dabber to apply your concentrate to the nail. Dabbers come in different shapes and materials. It is important to choose a dabber that can fit your nail, and you may want to consider the material (glass, metal, ceramic) depending on how you will use the tool.

For beginners, the Stache DigiTül is the perfect device to weigh out your concentrates and help customers determine the best amount to consumer.

Concentrate: They come in many forms. Wax, BHO, rosin, and shatter are a few of the most common concentrates for dabbing. There are several methods used to derive concentrates from flower. We recommend trying more than one and seeing what fits your preferences.

The Rig in One (RiO) from Stache is the perfect all-in-one kit that comes with all these pieces and a convenient carrying case to hold them all!

Rig in One Concentrate Kit

How to take a Dab?

1. Assemble Your Materials

Before you start to take your dab, make sure that you have all the tools that you need ready. Typically, you’ll need a butane torch, a dabber, your concentrate, a banger/nail, a carb cap, and your rig. You’ll probably be working with a hot torch and breakable glass, so make sure that you are focused and safe!

2. Heating the Banger/Nail

Heat your banger/nail. You do this by turning on your torch and aiming the flame on the nail. When you’re heating your nail, you want to make sure that you get it to the proper temperature to vaporize your concentrates. Different nail styles and makes have different temperatures at which they perform best; check out our Blog "Choosing Your Dab Nail/Banger"

There are many modern-day electronic substitutes for the heating element, when using these make sure you fully understand the use and function of the heating element!

Make sure you are paying attention to the temperature of your banger/nail! Under extreme temperature and stress even the most durable nail will break.

3. Dab

Once you have the banger heated to the right temperature, you’ll take your dabber with your concentrate on it and place it inside your banger. If you are using a domed nail, place the dome back on the nail before putting the dabber on it. If you’re using a carb cap, then cover the dab with your carb cap after it’s been placed into the banger.

4. Take the Hit

Inhale, just as you would taking a normal bong hit. Repeat as necessary until the vapor has cleared.

How to Clean your Banger

You should always clean your banger at the end of every session because carbon, reclaimed oil, and particulates can build up. Maintaining your banger correctly will make it last longer and will improve the quality of your following hits.

For a more thorough breakdown of how to keep your rig and banger clean, please check out our How to Clean Your Dab Rig guide, as well as our How to Clean Your Banger in 6 Steps guide.

Scrape: When there is a small build-up you can gently scrape this out with a sharp dabber tool.

Torch: You can also easily heat your banger again with the torch. This will burn leftover residues. When using a quartz, ceramic, or glass nail for your dab rig, make sure not to expose it to rapid temperature change; this can lead to fractures. After torching your nail, let it cool down completely and finish scraping out the build-up with your dabber or another heat-resistant tool.

Wash: Lastly, you can soak your banger in isopropyl alcohol to get it clean. When using this method, make sure to fully clean the banger/nail of isopropyl alcohol before re-using it.

Please consume responsibly and make sure to keep any and all products and substances out of reach of children and pets!

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