How to Choose a Dry Herb Grinder

How to Choose a Dry Herb Grinder

Dry herb is changing, so should your grinder!

Grinders have become an essential part of the equation when it comes to breaking down herbs for smoking and vaping. There are a wide range of styles and types of grinders to meet your needs, so how do you choose the one that works best for you? Being well informed is the best first step in making the decision, because a well-made grinder could last a lifetime!

The typical grinder model consists of 3 main pieces: A chamber where grinding happens, grinding teeth or some form of stud or edge for breaking down herb, and a lid/base to contain the ground herb. There are 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, and now even 5-piece grinders available on the market! They all essentially have the same function, but are designed to cater to different needs.

Not only are there a range of styles, but there are also several different materials that are standard for herb grinders; each offering its own set of pros and cons. Metal, wooden, and plastic/acrylic are the most common materials that you will see on the market.

What Are Herb Grinders Used For? How Do They Work?

Grinders are basic tools that have existed for years! They were originally designed to shred and break down herbs that were dry and had small stems. This shredded the herb into something finer that could be easily packed, smoked, or vaped.

However, times have changed! Herbs today are of a much higher quality than when the original grinder design became popular. This means that old-fashioned grinders that shred and strip pollen from herbs are no longer the best method for breaking down your herb!

The Grynder from Stache is the perfect grinder for modern buds! With small, rounded micro-teeth that serve to separate and break down herbs without shredding it and diminishing the quality, the Stache Grynder is the new standard for breaking down herbs!

The Stache Grynder was compared in a trial to other popular Brand models to determine the number of cannabinoids that are affected by different grinding methods, and the results may shock you! See Results Here (Posted soon).

Different Herb Grinder Styles

Twist Grinders

These could be considered the standard style of grinder and will be the most common. They work by opening the lid, inserting herbs into the chamber with some form of teeth or edge, and twisting the lid until the herbs are broken down to the desired consistency. You will find these styles in about every size and every material as the design is basic while still being highly effective.

Hand-Crank Grinders

Hand-crank grinders are designed to be easier on the hands and wrists of the user. They work just like a traditional grinder, the exception being that rather than twisting the lid, these models come with a hand crank or handle that can be used to break down herbs. Great for consumers with impaired motor functions, but they do require cleaning more regularly to ensure the crank operates properly.

Electric Grinders

Electric grinders are a high-end option that takes the effort out of grinding. They are typically battery-powered and work quickly and efficiently. As simple as loading the chamber and pressing a button. The cost can be high, but they are perfect for anyone looking to take a minimal role in the grinding process.

Grinder Cards

Grinder cards are a highly unique take on the herb grinder model. Designed to mimic a cheese grater, grinder cards will typically be used to scrub along your herb while the small metallic holes scrape and break off the bits of herb. They are typically sized like credit cards so that they can be taken on-the-go conveniently.

What Are Grinders Made Of?

Grinders also differ in configuration and materials! You will find 2-5 piece models, and models made from metal, wood, and plastic/acrylic. Most grinders that are different from the typical twist style will be made from metal as the various additional parts usually need to be more durable for long-term use.

Check out our How to Clean Your Metal Grinder article for the best practices for maintaining your grinder!

Metal Grinders

Metal Grinders are the most common type of grinder. They are typically more expensive than their wood and plastic counterparts but are more durable and provide a smoother handling experience over time. They are usually made of anodized aluminum and/or stainless steel.

The Stache Grynder is made of anodized aluminum and is designed to maintain an incredibly smooth grinding experience through its innovative design that eliminates right angles and sharp edges.

Plastic / Acrylic Grinders

Plastic grinders are a highly cost-effective option that still do an excellent job. They are much more susceptible to breaking and cracking if mishandled so be careful where you leave yours! Acrylic grinders are like plastic models; the main difference is that acrylic grinders are slightly more susceptible to changes in temperature and their shape can warp more easily under certain conditions.

Wooden Grinders

Wooden grinders fall between metal and plastic grinders in terms of cost. They are usually more decorative/unique and require more attention to maintain/clean.

2-piece Herb Grinders

2-Piece models are the most basic units. They have two halves loaded with teeth or edges to break down herbs when the two halves come together. For 2-piece models, the longer you grinder, the more fine your herbs will become as there is no extra chamber for the ground herb to filter into. This can sometimes make cleaning and using 2-piece models difficult depending on the amount and quality of the herb being ground.

3-piece Herb Grinders

3-piece grinders are the most popular. 3-piece models are basically a 2-piece model with an extra chamber attached for storing the ground herbs. The 2 halves break down the herb while the 3rd piece catches the ground herb once it is small enough to fall through the holes into the chamber.

4-piece Herb Grinders

4-piece models do everything that a 3-piece does, but with an additional screen and chamber. This additional chamber under the screen collects the pollen and trichomes that were ground up finely enough to fit through the screen. This collected pollen is typically higher in concentration than the ground herb and serves to add some extra power to your herbal creations.

5-piece Herb Grinders

The 5-piece grinder is a newer concept that has recently become more popular with the Stache Grynder 5-piece variation. The 5-piece grinder functions the same as a 4-piece model but has an additional chamber at the top of the unit for storing herbs. Bring your herb with you and remove the need for extra containers.

Grinder Teeth Styles

Teeth in grinders were introduced with the idea of shredding up dry herbs and breaking it down while maintaining a smooth twist. To grind through the stems and low-quality herb years ago, sharp teeth were necessary for a more finely ground and smokable dry herb. It was quick and potent this way.

This is why a vast majority of models on the market have sharp or pointed teeth designed to dig into and shred up dry herbs.

The Stache Grynder is designed with small, rounded studs designed to grip the outside of herbs using friction and pull them apart while protecting the integrity of the herb and not shredding and tearing off the pollen and reducing the potency.

The Stache Grynder was made with the modern consumer in mind!

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